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So you want to go to grad school?
Future grad students of the world unite!
I want to learn feminist psychotherapy 
12th-Jun-2013 03:37 pm
royal tenenbaums watercolor
Hi all.
I am a journalism graduate and I'm interested to work as a feminist clinical psychoanalyst to treat women victims of violence. Are there good schools for this? I browsed the program at York - the psychology program there works with the Feminist Centre. I was planning to take this program OR do a Master's in women's studies and then take a Master's in psychology. What do you think? FYI, I am interested in other anti-oppression frameworks as well, such as anti-racism and disability rights. In the meantime, I am in between jobs and I was thinking of going to the UK to be a psychiatric aide (to assess whether mental health is actually the field for me). Input would be much appreciated.
12th-Jun-2013 08:06 am (UTC)
OK, first of all if you're a US student, you need to be aware of visa regulations regarding working in the UK. You would need to apply for a Tier 2 visa, which since you didn't graduate from a UK university will mean you need to £20,000 a year minimum, find an employer willing to sponsor you, and they'll need to have advertised the position in the EEA and not found any suitable applicants. I have no idea if this would be the case for a psychiatric aide, but it really doesn't sound like it. Also, keep in mind that US and UK approaches to medical and mental health care are different, as are the institutional frameworks. You might not get a good sense of how the US mental health field works from working in the UK. (If you're in Canada there are different rules for visas, but the same caveat applies re institutional frameworks.)

That bit over, have you thought about an MSW? A lot of people that have come through the community before have found MSW programs more in line with their desire to work with feminist and anti-oppressive frameworks, as well as dealing directly with populations of interest, instead of a psychology program. It also has the advantage that it's quite a bit more pragmatic, I think.
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