Волос долог, да ум короток (xenia) wrote in applyingtograd,
Волос долог, да ум короток

How to deal with imposter syndrome.

This Fall I am going to grad school at Stanford. I was very happy to be admitted there, and thank you all for your help.

However, now I have a very bad feeling that I won’t fit in the program. I feel that I maybe not smart enough, not prepared enough. Maybe someone is better for the program. I am sure that getting Ph.D. is a right thing to do, and I am really excited by the field I am in. But I still have this feeling that I am not good enough for Stanford.

I know that it is normal, and I’ve heard about “imposter syndrome”. But even so, I feel bad. Please give some advice on how to overcome this feeling. And good luck for everyone who is applying this year.
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