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Doing poorly during winter semester- effect on transcript 
5th-Mar-2013 07:58 pm
I'm a 4th year senior (going to take a lap year)  who is struggling to get over an episode of depression.  So far, my college transcripts have shown that I am a good student and that I have mostly A's and B's and my overall grade point average right now is an A-.
However, I messed up last winter semester and ended up getting D's in two courses which I had to retake in summer school (got an A and B) and unfortunately due to issues of depression (again), I recently failed a midterm and I am probably going to end up with a C in that class. My major is psychology and the courses that I did badly on were in my major.

I'm worried about how this is going to look on my transcript when I apply for graduate school in the future because they are going to see TWO winter semesters where I took certain courses and did poorly in them. I am going to do another summer session this year (to catch up on courses that I haven't taken yet and to retake this C), but I'm not sure if graduate schools will see this as a red flag.

Does anyone know if my transcripts will get extra scrutinized because of this or am I worrying about nothing? I want to apply to graduate programs in both clinical psychology and/or human development and family studies so I'm feeling anxious about applying in a year or two. 
6th-Mar-2013 01:22 am (UTC)
i outright failed two classes in my major during undergrad. I addressed it in my application- there was a section where they gave space for a 200-word explanation of any low grades. I just outright owned it- "Despite my best efforts, I failed these classes. I re-took them and passed."

Managed to get into every program i applied to, anyway. Grad application is a rough process- try not to freak out too much. And best of luck.
6th-Mar-2013 01:25 am (UTC)
Stuff like this is what a well written personal statement is for. You can address exactly what happened, and that you took measures to correct the effect it had on your classwork. You can also take the time to say whether this influenced what direction you wanted to study - does experiencing mental illness yourself - and the stigma, difficulty obtaining treatment, etc, any other problems you may have had - make you want to study it *more*, work in a specific area, etc? Those are great things to talk about in an essay.
6th-Mar-2013 01:33 am (UTC)
I did poorly in some of my classes partially due to some medical issues, I wrote about it in my personal statement and I asked one of my recommendation writers to mention it as well. I didn't get into the most competitive program I applied to but I did pretty well overall. If you mention the issues you had and then focus on all of the great things that you've done despite those issues that make you a great candidate for grad school you should be fine.
6th-Mar-2013 08:04 am (UTC)
I wouldn't worry about the retakes, especially if your college does grade replacement so it doesn't affect your GPA. In fact, I'd be inclined to say don't worry about any of it. Stuff happens even to the best students, and admissions committees are aware that sometimes you just don't get the hang of a class. I wouldn't mention it, and especially wouldn't mention periodic depression, since that could suggest you'd continue to have the problem in grad school.
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