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GRE test day

I'm having a hell of a time determining what to bring/what not to bring to my GRE test tomorrow. I'm testing at Penn Plaza in Manhattan. I know that cell phones are not allowed into the test center at all. I know that no jackets/hats/etc. are allowed in the testing ROOM. The ETS site says this:
"Personal items other than identification documents are not allowed in the testing room. You will be required to follow the procedures set by the test center for storage of your personal belongings. You may also be asked to empty your pockets. Storage space is limited, so plan accordingly. You will not have access to your personal items during the test. Personal items such as hats, scarves, jackets and outerwear that are taken into the test room are subject to inspection by the test administrator."

Has anyone tested at Penn Plaza? Is there a locker room or something (for like, the umbrella I'll probably have with me)? Can I bring a purse? Do I bring my own (non-mechanical) pencil for doing math work?

Also, my reminder email said this:
"Please be advised, that it is prohibited to bring food or beverages into the testing center and in some cases into the building where your test center is located. Please be advised that due to these restrictions, you will need to make other meal accommodations for your test day."

So I'm not allowed to eat at all for 5 hours? Help!

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ETA: Thanks for all your comments! The testing center was very confusing. For example, I had no idea I was being prepped to start the test and the dude got really mad at me when I told him I still needed to use the bathroom. Also "Please turn off your cell phone and put it in your locker. Did you put your phone in your locker?" "Um, I didn't bring one because I was told over and over that they aren't allowed here." I actually didn't take my break because I had no idea what I was supposed to do to let them know and where I would go for the 10 minutes. Etc. But, at least I didn't get kicked out or anything!
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